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Lyrics & Timestamps in MusicTeam®
Lyrics & Timestamps in MusicTeam®

How to submit lyrics and set timestamps

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Adding Lyrics

From your Works tab:

  • click on the + Work

  • add your Work Title

  • select the Territory

  • copy/paste or enter manually your lyrics or click on the expander to see the Lyrics Formatting Guidelines

  • click outside of the expander and changes will automatically be captured

  • select Language

  • confirm Parental Advisory

  • link a SkyTrack® project (optional)

  • upload a Work file (optional)

  • click on create

From your Works Details page:

  • click on the ...

  • click on Edit Lyrics

  • copy/paste or enter manually your lyrics following the Lyrics Formatting Guidelines (see below)

  • click on Save changes

What Are Timestamps?

Lyrics Timestamps or in other words perfectly timed lyrics, time synced lyrics in used for music consumers to follow the lyrics while your Recording is playing. Your fans will be able to sing along your song or simply understand better the words and meaning behind your sonic creation.

Adding Lyrics Timestamps

From your Recordings Details page:

  • click on the ...

  • click on + Lyrics Timestamps

  • Edit your Lyrics or start adding your Timestamps

  • click on Play to get your audio file going

  • when you hear the signing start click on Next Line

  • select multiple lyric lines and offset/reset the timestamp if needed

  • All timestamps are saved automatically once created

  • click on Go Back to your Recording

Lyric Formating Guidelines

Every lyric in our database must be formatted a specific way to ensure consistency. The guidelines below help guarantee that every lyric is structured the same way and that the end user’s experience remains uninhibited.

  1. Lyrics should be written in the language intended by the writer, and using uses the applicable character.

  2. The beginning of each line should start with a capital letter.

  3. No more than one blank line between verses, choruses or stanzas.

  4. Do not label stanzas with chorus, verse, bridge or any other tags.

    1. For example, “Verse”, “Chorus”, “Bridge” and “Hook” should all be removed.

  5. Do not use repeat tags to signify if a line or stanza is repeated.

    1. Instead, write each line or stanza however many times it is said.

  6. Other song information should be deleted from inside the lyric text, such as artist, album or song name, or writer and publisher credits.

    1. Only the lyrics should be included.

  7. Do not write out any sounds that are heard in the song, like “gunshot”, “clap”, “horn”, etc.

  8. Remove all labels such as [Talking], {Speaking}, or (Whispering).

  9. Any word cut short should have one apostrophe in place of the missing letters.

    1. For example: givin’, livin’.

  10. No words should be misspelled unless the artist specifically pronounces the word that way or if the word is purposely misspelled in the title.

    1. For example: “The Dells – Oh, What a Nite”

  11. Slang is acceptable but the artist must pronounce it that way. Slang should only be used if the word sounds differently than the grammatically correct word.

    1. For example, “for shizzle” can be used but “becuz” should be spelled “because”.

  12. Exaggerations should be cut down to the original word or punctuation.

    1. For example, “ohhhh” should be “oh” and “bang!!!!!” should be “bang!”

  13. Background vocals should be placed on the same line they are said but in parentheses.

    1. For example, “I’m a survivor (What, what)”.

  14. When translating lyrics, translate the context and meaning.

    1. When possible, do not translate literally.

  15. Translated lyrics must have the same number of lines as the original lyrics.

  16. Each translated line must translate the matched line from the original set of lyrics in its entirety.

Sample Lyrics Submission

Grey skies, frownin’ at me

Grey skies I watch

Redbirds yellin’ a tune

Grey skies I watch all day long

Can’t see the moon shining so dull

Can’t see the moon shining so dull

Can’t the days hurry by

Can’t the days hurry by

Can’t see the moon shining so dull

Can’t see the moon shining so dull

Can’t the days hurry by

Can’t the days hurry by

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