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What's the difference between a Label/Imprint and Record Label?

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The Record Label is MusicTeam® is a type of Collaborator which represents a legal entity or a legally recognized business organisation. They often end with Co., Inc. or Ltd. On the other hand, Labels/Imprints are the names under which a release is commercialised.

For example, you could have a Record Label under the name ABC Records Inc., but when your Record Label releases music, they use the name ABC Records (the label/imprint).

To distribute your music, you will need to create at least one label/imprint.

Adding a Label/Imprint

Labels/Imprints can be linked to:

  • Individuals (more specifically band members)

  • Organisation (Collaborators)

When band members are added as a Related Individual, they will be able to use the Label/Imprint for releases purposes.

From the Releases on the side menu:

  • Click on Manage Labels/Imprints

  • + Label/Imprint

  • Select the Related Individuals or the Related Organisation

  • Click on Save to add your Label/Imprint

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