Distributing your royalties from sales & streaming.

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Adding Your Payouts

Payouts in MusicTeam® are set at the Recording level. You'll need a PayPal email to receive your payouts, which can be set in your Profile.

In the Recording Details page, click on Manage Payouts.

  • If your ownership splits are complete and equal to 100%, you'll be able to set custom payouts for each rights holder or apply the same split percentages to your payouts.

  • If ownership splits are not equal to 100%, only one participant can collect 100% of the payout.

When other participants in the Recording have not set their PayPal email, you can send them a request, which will notify them to add it to their Profile. Until they add their PayPal email, you will not be able to set a custom payout for them.

Distributing your payouts

PayPal will deduct 2% of your earnings, but no more than $20 USD and a minimum of $0.25 USD.

Head to the Payouts menu to see all the participants with payouts owed. Only the user that created the Release will be able to issue the Payouts and when payouts are issued, they are issued for ALL participants, for ALL Releases.

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