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Content Review Guidelines
Content Review Guidelines

How we review your releases before delivering to DSPs & Outlets

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When you submit your release for distribution, we have to review your artwork, Display Artist Names, Recording & Release titles as well as your files before submitting to your selected DSPs & Outlets. Below, you will find some guidelines to avoid your release being Disapproved by our administrators.


  • Must not be misleading (for example, prominently depicting or referencing an artist even though the artist does not perform on the album);

  • Must not contain pornography or a URL for a website that contains or links to pornography;

  • Should not include additional info/logos/social media/production info (only Artist or Track name and label name). Label name can be present on the artwork, but not 'Produced by producer's name'.

Display Artist Names:

  • The artist name must not include any additional information, such as role, date, instrument, former band, website, and so on. e.g. The Fun One (Produced by Mark Jones);

  • Generic artists, such as Yoga, Workout, Meditation, Baby, Christmas, Top Hits, Chorus, Orchestra, or Singer, as well as genre names like Rock, Hip Hop, or Smooth Jazz are not accepted as artist name.

Recording Titles:

  • The standard, original version of an album, recording must not include any additional information in the title unless it is needed to identify the content. For example, titles must not include Exclusive, Limited Edition, Tone, Alert Tone, Text Tone, Ringtone, Ringtone Version, E-Release, Digital Only, Digital Download, Digital Single, E-Album, 2 CD Set, With Lyrics, Clips from, Official Music Video, Full Song Video, or Full Version;

  • Titles must not include: Clean Version, Explicit Version, Apple Digital Masters;

  • Terms like “(Clean),” “(Clean Version),” “(Edited),” or “(Edited Version)”, "Album" must not be used for album, or track titles;

  • Do not use generic titles, such as Track 1, Track 2, or Instrumental, unless they are the actual titles of the tracks. Should not include the track number in track titles.


If there are lyrics, the appropriate audio language must be set in your Work Details. Language should match the language spoken or sung in the audio.

Unsupported content types:

  • Sample Clips: short clips of full-length songs distributed as samples, or other purposes;

  • Non-Comedy Spoken Word: content distributed as an "album" through standard releases containing commentary, story reading/telling, ASMR sounds and effects, interviews;

  • White Noise: continuous clips of noise generators in various colours. Includes pink noise, air conditioner sounds, etc.;

  • Stock Music: stock content created by producers, created with intent to be low-cost music beds for audio/visual media;

  • Motivational Spoken Word: content created and distributed specifically for motivational purposes. Often mixed over music;

  • Stems: individual musical components that comprise a song;

  • Producer Tools: DJ tools, sample libraries and other content used for music creation;

  • Personalised Lyrics: produced en masse with only a minor variation to personalize the content to a person's name;

  • Soundalikes: covers intended to sound like clones of the original with no artistic interpretation added;

  • Search-bait: artist or recording titles that closely resemble popular artists or songs, viral sensations or streaming holdouts, or utilise key words for genres, moods, and/or activities;

  • Hate Music/Hate Speech;

  • “Pornographic” Tracks;

  • Karaoke: low quality instrumental copies of popular songs not distributed by original artist or rights owner, does not include instrumental versions of original recordings distributed by the original artist.

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