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Releases in MusicTeam®

Understanding Releases and classifications for commercial releases

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The music industry uses a whole host of classifications for commercial releases (Albums, singles, LPs, EPs, mixtapes, compilations). As technology evolves away from the original mediums that gave them their names, the definitions have grown convoluted. There are no universal, definitive rules or guidelines for classifying releases. However, by gaining a basic understanding of the history of audio formats and commercial releases, individuals can get a fundamental understanding of the purpose behind these terms and categories.

What are the different types of Releases supported by MusicTeam®?

  • Singles (1 Recording)

  • EPs (up to 6 Recordings)

  • Albums (up to 20 Recordings)

EP has a few additional constraints:

  • Combined Recordings duration cannot exceed 30 minutes.

  • If the number of Recordings is three or less, at least one Recording should be 10 minutes long.

Creating a Release in MusicTeam®

The Release is the final step to distributing your music. This means that you will have added a Work and a related Recording to your account and that your Artwork will have been created.

Make sure you have created a Label/Imprint as well. We recommend scheduling your original release date at least 2 weeks before as some outlets will take 10 days before your music is released.

Finally, you must also make sure that you set your Payouts for each recording before distributing.

Creating a Release:

  • Click on + Release

  • Select + Single, + EP or + Album

  • Enter your Title (your single title and recording title must be the same)

  • Select a Recording

    • The Main Artist will automatically be added

  • Select the Music Distribution Plan you have purchased

    • If you haven't purchased a plan yet, you can click on Create to save the existing information. Once you've completed your purchase, come back to your release and click on the ... to edit.

  • Select the Label/Imprints on your account or from rightsholders

  • Add your Artwork

Release Details - access your release detail by going into your Release and by clicking on the ... and then View or when you click on Create or Update your Release.

Release Checkpoint - we have created the release checkpoint as a tool to help you through all the steps toward distribution.

Release Information - click on the ... to edit your release information.

Add the following information:

  • Available for - Download and/or Stream

    • Select one at a time to add both availabilities

  • Original Release Date: If you previously released your product, you can back date the Original Release Date.

  • Start Date: This is the date that your Release will be available on DSPs.

    • Specific date: select a specific date 14 days from the day you select your releases.

    • ASAP:

  • Pre-Sale Start Date


    • Once you distribute your Release, we will automatically assign you a UPC/EAN

Manage DSPs & Outlets: - When you select a DSP with multiple outlets, you are distributing your release to all the included outlets. You cannot select a specific outlet for that DSP. Only the rights holders will be able to select DSPs.

Album - Drag each recording using the verticle double dotted lines icon to set the order of your tracks. The order is saved automatically. You can also add + Recordings directly from the Release Details dashboard.

Metadata & Rights Toggle - in the Recordings section, on each Recording (on the right-hand side and left from the ... there is a slider that allows you to see your Release's metadata and rights.

Distributing, Updating Metadata & Takedowns


  • Only the rights owners can initiate the distribution to the outlets.

  • If your Release is already released but you want to add a new outlet, you'll have to click on Distribute.

Updating Metadata

  • We will automatically detect and notify you when metadata is updated on your release. If the metadata changes, you can click on Update Metadata to send it to the same DSPs & Outlets.


  • You can only initiate a takedown when a Release has the status Released

  • You can select which outlets to initiate takedowns or select all outlets for a takedown

What are the different Release statuses?

  • Draft

  • Review Pending

  • Review Required

  • Released

  • Disapproved

When a Release has the status Review Required & Disapproved, you'll be automatically notified as to what needs to be corrected or why it was rejected. You'll then have the opportunity to correct your Release and re-submit.

Editing/Viewing/Deleting Releases

Viewing Releases

  • To view, all your Releases click on the Releases' menu.

  • On a specific Release, you can click on Plan, which will redirect to the linked purchase or subscription.

  • To view the Release Details, simply click on View.

  • Contributors without ownership shares on Recordings will be able to view the Releases included in the Release, but won't be able to select or distribute to outlets.

Editing Releases

  • On a specific Release, click on Edit to change the details of your release

  • When viewing the details of your Release, you can edit the Release Information cards to add your Original Release Date, Pre-Sale Date, Available formats, and EAN/UPC.

  • Only rights holders will be able to edit the Release Details & Release Information.

Deleting a Release

  • You can't delete a Release with the status Review Pending or Released.

    • Review Pending: Once your Release is distributed, you’ll be able to initiate a takedown and delete it.

    • Released: You’ll have to initiate a Takedown before deleting your Release.

  • Only user that created the Release or rights owners of the Recordings in the Release can delete a Release.

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