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Creating releases doesn't require a subscription, but you'll need to purchase a music distribution plan in order to distribute to our DSPs & Outlets. Head to the Store menu to purchase one.

We offer 4 types of plans:

  • Unlimited Stereo, which is an annual plan, paid annually, for distributing unlimited releases (max of 3 artists);

  • Single Lifetime plan, which is a one-time payment for distributing one Single;

  • EP Lifetime plan, which is a one-time payment for distributing one EP;

  • Album Lifetime plan, which is a one-time payment for distributing one Album.

When you purchase distribution plans and don't use them right away, the plan will have a status of Future until it is associated to a release. Once a plan is linked to a Release, your plan status will become Active.

You can view all your subscriptions and your purchases in My Account.

Buy Out

If you are subscribed to an Unlimited plan, your releases can be "bought out" to switch to a lifetime plan. Buying out your Releases ensures that they won't be taken down from the DSPs & Outlets, if you decide to cancel your Unlimited Plan.


Subscription will automatically renew unless you pause the subscription.

Pausing a subscription will simply pause the automatic renewal, it does not pause the availability of your release with your selected DSPs & Outlets.

If we can't process your payment on the renewal date, we'll send you reminders by email to update your payment details. You'll have 60 days to update your payment details, after which we'll initiate a takedown of your release linked to that subscription.

Payment Methods

On your account, you can have one payment method. You can pay by credit card or through PayPal.

If you are experiencing issues with PayPal and are unable to login through the correct PayPal account, you may need to clear your cookies.

  • On Safari:

    • Go to Settings > Privacy

    • Click on Manage Website Data

    • Search for PayPal

    • Delete & cache, cookies, etc. as seen below in the image

  • On Chrome:

    • Go to Settings

    • Click on See all site data and permissions

    • Search for PayPal

    • Delete & cookies

Cancelling your Unlimited Plan

Cancelling an Unlimited Plan will trigger a takedown of your release linked to that subscription on your selected DSPs & Outlets as well as an archival of those releases. You will be able to access your Archived Releases but will not be able to edit or distribute them.

If you decide to resubscribe to an Unlimited Plan, you can request a Restoration of your releases, which will take between 3 to 5 business days. Once they are Restored, you'll be able to redistribute them to the DSPs & Outlets.


All sales are final. If you change your mind or made a mistake, please communicate with us at [email protected] or through our Intercom chat and we will assist you.

We do not issue reimbursements, but your payment will be credited to your account until you are ready to use it.

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