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Distributing Your Music
Distributing Your Music

7 steps to distribute your Release in MusicTeam®

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Before starting this process, we recommend that you take our Onboarding Tour if you don't have a Distribution Plan or a Profile.

7 steps to distribute your Release in MusicTeam®:

  1. Add your Recordings - The quickest way is to upload all your files at once. In our form you'll be able to apply your metadata to all your uploaded recordings. Note: ISRCs will automatically be issued for all recordings part of a release upon distribution.

  2. Create a Label/Imprint - You'll need a Label to distribute

  3. Create your Release - Select the recordings you want to release and add all the metadata required. If your Artwork isn't ready, that's fine. But you'll need it before distributing.

  4. Add your Release Information - This is where you specify your release date, pre-sales date (if applicable). We will automatically issue your release an EAN/UPC/JAN number depending on your preferred option.

  5. And click on Distribute

Once your Release is on platforms, you can access your Distribution Dashboard for statistics and Payouts to cash in your distribution royalties.

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