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How to Title a Work, Recording and Release?
How to Title a Work, Recording and Release?

A Brief Music Style Guide

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Why does the Title of your Recording matter?

Well, if you contextualize your Recordings as a part of your musical portfolio/catalogue/repertoire having some knowledge of the basic Title Formatting guidelines will make you look like a professional and save you lots of time.

Have you ever asked Siri or Google to play you a song? Thinking of how Alexa would understand the Title of your Recording is a great way to guarantee you playtime every time someone request your music.

Title Formatting

Once you have decided on the Title for your Recording find your way to The Apple Music Style Guide. It has it all laid out for you. Use the left-side menu and click on 3. Titles to learn more about Titles Style Standards.

You can find out more on when to use lower and uppercase words in the Appendix 2: Title Case

Per Digital Service Providers (DSP), your Single, EP and Album Titles must follow capitalization standards. Formatting guidelines restrict releases to have titles in all uppercase or all lowercase.

  • The truth is that if you choose to use non-standard capitalization on your release, the DSPs might accept it but they might reject or accept it and adapt the title in accordance with their Style Guidelines.

Titles in MusicTeam®

In Recordings, we've added a few validations to help you with the title. Under the Title field you'll find a list of banned words, which we know that DSPs won't accept when comes the time to distribute.

We did the same in Releases and added more validations to make sure your release isn't rejected automatically by the DSPs.

DSPs Content Infringement Guidelines

Another thing to consider when releasing your music independently is respecting the (DSPs) Content Guidelines. A reference to a genre or mood can be considered misleading for the end-users. Even if you violate the rules unintentionally, you could be removed or blocked off DSPs.

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