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What to do with Pending Requests?

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What are Pending Requests?

Think of the Pending Requests as a way for our system to invite Profiles, including Publishers, Collaborators to join the MusicTeam® community and verify their metadata. When a user invites you, they fill out your information to the best of their knowledge. MusicTeam® will pre-fill the relevant fields, which you can review and correct upon accepting an invite.

Here are the different types of invitations:

  • For a Creator Split, Artist Split, Collaborator Split, Contribution

  • For a Publishing Agreement (as a Publisher or a writer (Profile))

  • As a band member

Where do I find my Pending Requests?

Under Dashboard > Rights, you will see all of your Pending Requests received under your specific email. Take the time to review each one of them. Once your Profile or your Organisation is created with the right information, simply accept the invitations with one-click.

Requests Sent

If you invite other people to join MusicTeam®, you can keep track of the requests you sent under the Requests Sent tab. Once the other party has accepted or declined you will be notified. You can use the button toggle to see the original metadata you entered and the corrections the other party made for future reference.

Once your requests are accepted/declined, you can stop tracking them using the Action menu on the top right corner of the requests and click on "Dismiss Tracker"

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