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Invite someone to MusicTeam®
Invite someone to MusicTeam®

Getting started with sending invitations and accepting collaborations.

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What are Invitations for?

Invitations allows you to notify a person that they are being credited for their participation in a Work or Recording as a rightsholder or a Contributor. Once you are ready to assign Work and Recording Splits or to credit a Contributor, invitations will be sent out automatically when you assigned them a Role using their email.

Inviting someone to a Work or a Recording

To add a Creator, a Publisher or a Contributor to participate to a Work check out our article on Works and Work Splits in MusicTeam®.

To add an Artist, a Collaborator or a Contributor to receive credit on a Recording check out our article on Recordings and Recording Splits in MusicTeam®.

Invitation Status


When the status is Pending, it means that an invitation was sent to the participant's inbox. From the invitation, the participant will be able to log into his account or to sign up. Once logged in to the MusicTeam® app and on the Dashboard the invitation information will be listed under the Pending Invitations section:

Under "Choose your role" the participant will click on the role being assigned and a dropdown menu will be prompt. If the Role hasn't been assigned yet, the participant will there be able to create the Role assigned. The participant can also go straight to the Roles tab and create a Role.

Once the Role has been created, the invitation can be accepted by clicking on the green arrow.


The status of the invite to collaborate is automatically accepted when a user has already created the Role assigned or upon selecting the green arrow.


You can decline a Work/Recording Split or Contribution by clicking on the red "X". When you decline an invitation, the status of the Split/Contribution will automatically be updated to Declined.


How many Artists can I add to my Work and Recording?

You can:

  • add one (1) Main Artist

  • add one (1) Featured Artist

  • as many Others as you want.

As a Main Artist you can be a Solo Artist or a Group/Band. If there is more than one (1) Main Artist you might need to consider forming a Group/Band/Collective.

Until when can I edit the Splits?

  • You can update all of the information you provide on the platform up until you submit for registration.

Can I add Collaborators even if we haven't decided on the Splits percentage?

  • Yes

Who can edit Splits or edit the Work and Recording?

  • Anyone you assign an ownership share can View/Edit/Delete the Work and Recording.

How can I link a Work to a Recording?

  • Only the person who added the Work to the platform can link it to a Recording even if you have 100% of the Splits.

Why can I not add a Split to a Contribution?

  • A contribution is given to someone who participated to the project but does not have any copyrights. A contributor still deserves to be credited for their involvement in the project.

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